Help for auditory memory problems in children

Help for auditory memory problems in children

The Auditory Memory areas of our brains allow children to notice and remember what they hear.  If there is a problem with these areas they willl forget what they are told to do, struggle to learn new vocabulary, and/or find it hard to put their thoughts into words.  Difficulties with auditory memory will affect a child's ability to read, write, spell, learn new vocabulary and do maths and science.  

Does your child have difficulty:

  • remembering oral instructions, 
  • following conversations or lessons 
  • acquiring information through listening
  • putting information into their own words
  • speaking in complete sentences 
  • using internal speech to manage their behaviour
  • understandign conversations
  • following long sentences and/or
  • learning the names of things (such as the days of the week).  

How the Arrowsmith Program helps children with auditory processing issues:

Doing these exercises will enable your child to:

  • develop their auditory memory
  • develop their ability to remember instructions
  • develop their ability to follow instructions
  • remember information for learning
  • put information into their own words
  • follow procedures
  • speak in complete sentences, and 
  • develop their vocabulary. 

If Auditory Memory is a problem for your child or a child you know, 

for a no obligations chat about how the Arrowsmith Program can help