25 Jun

If you are self managed or plan managed you may be able to use your NDIS funding to pay for your Arrowsmith Program.  

If you are Self Managed you can pay upfront and then submit your invoice/receipt to the NDIA yourself.  

If you are Plan Managed you can ask us to send your invoice straight to your plan manager.  We will need to talk with you to set up a payment plan, and record the student's name, NDIS number, and the name and email address of your Plan Manager.

We recommend that you discuss these options with your Plan Manager.   Make sure you have funds in the correct categories of your plan and that they can be approved for use to pay for this intervention.  This is a link to some information published by the NDIS that might explain it a bit more:


We are not currently registered as a NDIA provider so if your NDIS funding is managed by a NDIA manager it is unlikely that you can use your funding with us, however it is worth calling them for a chat.

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