We only do the Arrowsmith Program Assessment once we are sure that you have some areas that we might be able to help.  The assessment measures the relative strengths and weaknesses of 17 cognitive areas that we know contribute to learning.   It takes 5 - 6 hours and is done in at least 2 sessions.  Once the assessment is complete the information is sent to Canada for analysis.  Within a few days we receive a very detailed report which is given to you in full and we will then discuss it with you.  Many cognitive areas rely on others being in place before they can work their best.  It makes sense, therefore, that these areas are strengthened first.  The report identifies which cognitive areas need to be exercised and strengthened first.  

The assessment is repeated at the end of the year, providing you have done enough sessions to allow cognitive change to have happened.  We will then be able to see how much stronger your cognitive areas have become and plan for your next steps.

It's a good idea to take our questionnaire first.  This will give you an idea of which areas you might need to strengthen.