Cognitive Enhancement

The Symbol Relations area of our brain is the area that simultaneously processes multiple pieces of information.  When it is working well it allows us to:

  • process concepts across all academic areas,  
  • understand and grasp what we read and hear, 
  • gain insight, 
  • reason logically, 
  • see connections between ideas, 
  • understand cause and effect,
  • be flexible in our thinking,
  • make rational and considered decisions,
  • grasp the meaning of language deeply and 
  • reason mathematically.

Given the unique role of this area stimulation to, and enhancement of this function, has broad overarching impacts on cognition/thinking.

The gains from strengthening this function are lifelong and generalizable to all aspects of learning that require comprehension and conceptual understanding or reasoning.  

In particular, once this area is strengthened to a superior level of functioning students will be able to understand and analyze complex abstract relationships, think critically, and comprehend at a conceptual level.  They will be able to do this automatically, understanding what various information means when it is interrelated, as well as how the meaning is created.  These are critical abilities for living in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.  

Cognitive enhancement also has a direct positive impact on the success rates of graduates in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields of study.  STEM skills are becoming more important as the use of technology increases.  Having a strength in this cognitive function will enable students to perform consistently at a high level when reasoning mathematically, thinking critically and connecting complex ideas.  

There are no assessments for this area - instead we have a highly structured process for you to work through.  This is the unit that will benefit everyone.